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This space will be used to consolidate all of my custom projects that I work on. I will show work in progress as well as completed projects. I do a little bit of a lot of things including but not limited to customizing toys and designing custom add on's for card and board games. Please feel free to contact me about any of my projects of if you have an idea or would like to commission me to create something for you.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Custom 1/18 scale crowbar

Project completed 11/2/13

I finished this a while a ago be never updated the post. This was finished using acrylic paints and then clear coated with a gloss finish. I did not want a weathered look but more of a brand new look for this piece.
 Project start 6/21/11

The other night I was thinking about what non traditional weapons I could make in 1/18 scale and a crowbar popped into my head so I decided to make one. This is the second one that I made, the first one is not worth posting.

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