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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Marvel Universe Multiple Man

5/1/12 - Project completed

This was originally started as a commission but I took far too long getting it done so the original person who wanted it backed out so I will be keeping it for my collection. This was created using a Marvel Universe Multiple Man as a base. The pants where sculpted over the legs. The trench coat is a DC Universe Hush jacket and the arms are frin Rise of Cobra Destro.

8/17/11 - Progress report
I have finally had some time to start painting the prototype for this project that ended up being bigger than I thought it would be LOL. I primed them then threw on 2 coats of blue via airbush then I dry brushed a lighter blue and put a clear blue over the entire legs. I will be clear coating these but im not sure if it should be flat, dullcoat or gloss, I am leaning towards dullcoat or flat though. You can also see the sculpted X emblem on the belt too.

8/1/11 - The Project begins!
I was commissioned to give Multiple Man his signature trench coat and thought that it would be a pretty simple mod. Boy was I wrong! So far I have taken the original Marvel Universe figure popped all the seams, got new arms, the jacket, modded the hands so they will fit in the jacket. I thought it would be done with that and a fresh coat of paint.

The person that this is for Ashrok wanted him to have jeans. I first tried to find some legs that would look good on this figure but because he has the body of a high school anorexic chick I quickly found this to be very hard so I decided to sculpt jeans onto the existing legs.

Here is what I have so far

I still have some shaping, sanding and touch ups to do. I am also adding an off center xmen logo belt buckle. After this figure is done I am going to send it to him and if he approves I have 4 more to do that are exactly the same...... Can I cry now? LOL j/k ashrok!

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