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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GI Joe Road Pig custom cinder block on a stick weapon Complete

6/15/11 - Project Completed 

Here is the G.I. Joe updated Road Pig cinder block on a stick that I was commissioned to do. I love the way this turned out and so does my client. Here is what he had to say

6/11/11 - Project start 

I was recently commissioned by a forum member sbartek1974 to create an updated weapon for Road Pig.

Here is a picture of the vintage Road Pig weapon

Here is the rough sketch of the cinder block

This is the first build with styrene

This is after some basic shaping

Here is the prelim "stick" I went with a baseball bat look

This is it all put together

He decided that he wanted battle damage to the cinder block so here is the prelim sketches of the damage.

Here is the first pass at creating the weathered and damaged look as well as adding the texture to the weapon.

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