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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Custom created G.I. Joe

I wanted to create a brand new character for the G.I. Joe universe. This figure was created using parts from multiple figures. I primed all the parts then painted them with acrylics, created custom water slide decals and then clear coated it. The weapons where created from scratch from styrene. I even created a cheesy back story for him.

Back Story
Anvil is a master blacksmith from a long line of traveling blacksmiths who have been at the front lines of every major war for the last 2000 years. The only side they have ever chosen is that of the army who will pay the most. Wanting more than to just be a lowly blacksmith Anvil sought out the Arashikage clan in order to learn the art of the ninja. Hard Master agreed to train Anvil in the art of ninja in trade for his master skills of metal forging.

Anvil has always had a flair for exaggeratedly proportioned bladed weapons that he hand crafts and wields. Due to his flair for such “unwieldy” and unconventional weapons and the fact that he was an outsider he was never treated as an equal amongst the other Arashikage clan members. Finally he had enough and lashed out killing 3 Arashikage clan members and left saying “who is the joke now”.

He fled the old country and was hiding out in the swamplands of the U.S. when the Dreadnoks found him and offered him work...

Build recipe:
Lower legs: ROC Neo-Viper
Upper legs: POC Jungle viper
Lower torso / upper torso / upper arms: POC Zartan
lower arms: POC Dusty
Head: 25th Serpentor with green stuff goatee and mohalk
Tattoos: custom printed water slide decals .
Weapons: where scratch built using styrene to be over the top.

Work in progress pictures

During the build I decided against the webgear as well as the crossbow.

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